Podcasts and Will Power.


“Psychologist Walter Mischel explains how one little test involving a marshmallow might tell you a frightening amount about what kind of person you are. And Radiolab favorite Jonah Lehrer helps us make sense of the results. This one's all about our will power (or lack thereof).”

SerialThis American Life and now Radiolab. The order of my downfall and the start of my obsession. Let's just say these consume my life at work right now. Why? Because I get to listen to an interesting array of topics and find myself intrigued and left contemplating, well, everything. Yesterday morning was no exception. I was listening to the podcast Mischel’s Marshmallows and, once again, found myself thinking SHIT.

This podcast has left me feeling compelled to try this on my future children and wondering how I would have done as a child myself. Would my will power have been strong enough to withhold/delay my gratification? Will my children’s? 

If I were to guess at this moment I would say, no, my will power as child was short lived. I would say no because of these past few years and my inability to keep my resolutions. I would say no because I am still biting my nails, a habit that many people have incentivized me to quit and yet here they are still short and picked. But maybe this is a question best asked and answered by my parents. 

Which I did over dinner and here is what they had to say:

There you have it. I wouldn't have waited very long before eating that delicious treat. I could say this explains a lot of my life thus far but I am not going to let this new found knowledge define me or become something to fall back on. Instead I think I will begin to test it. I declared last night I was done picking and biting my nails. I'll let you know how it goes.

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